First blog post

So my first blog post, how exciting!

I thought I would start a blog to encourage me to record my journey in my writing aspiration. It’s all fairly new to me and I have never done this before but I am eager to keep this going now I’ve taken the first step.

I will properly introduce myself, my name is Jasmine – full name Jasmine Leah Ive. I am based in the beautiful South West England working part time in a library. I write and illustrate in my spare time and have recently taken up the new hobby of learning Anglo Saxon. I was encouraged to finish this story (which had been in development since my junior school years – mind you I was under no guidance) when I was introduced to the Self Publishing book competition Amazon are currently hosting until the 19th May. My good friend Ross introduced me to the competition so shout to you and thank you!

My first book on a series I’m making called “Zwindial” is finally able to be bought on Amazon:

It’s available as a Kindle or a Paperback version so which ever one you’d like to go for, please do! All reviews and comments are greatly appreciated. I hope to develop my skills in book writing as time passes and the more feedback I get the better.

Thank you for reading. I shall continue to make regular updates to this blog. Maybe even throw some of my inspirations here and perhaps I’ll share what I’m learning in my Anglo Saxon studies. Time will tell!


4 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Welcome to blogging, Jasmine. I hope that writing is a passion for you just as it is for me. Like you, I self-publish novels: mysteries set in the Canadian wilderness. They are available on Kindle. I’ll look up your book. Good luck!


    1. Hi there! Thank you for your comment and for the good wishes. What are the names of your novels? Based on how you described them I’d love to have a look.


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