Edits and Updates

One thing I will say about working on any of my projects – whether that be a book, a short film or a picture – is I always seem to think of more edits once I call it the ‘final thing’. I try my best to ask my brain to go into that mindset before I reach that point but I think it’s just a natural occurrence. If anything it makes me laugh!

I’m browsing through my folders now and finding some other versions of pictures I did for the book. The below one for example is the first image you see in chapter one. I preferred the other one because it was easier to see where the character was. Here he disappears into the soil outline. Nothing a bit of colour won’t fix!

Maybe I’ll do that for fun, just add some colour to some of the line art. There are some wonderful photos I took in Cornwall that I wanted to draw as well. Let’s get that portfolio growing before working on the next book.



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