Bed Heads and New Ideas

New found revelation – my hair goes into extraordinary shapes when I wake up in the morning. I swear it goes completely mad! What’s best about it is that it may look like a bit of a rats nest or I look like the stereotypical wicked witch, but there are no dreadlocks so I can easily comb it back to a reasonable state. I use the terminology ‘reasonable’ in a very mild manner mind you. It always finds a way to get back to witch mode, ha!

I know a bit out of topic but it made me laugh this morning so I had to post it somewhere and perhaps start a gallery of the best production results from my sleep. Actually that’s a very bad idea, ignore that.

Still feeling in a good mood since finishing the book. At the moment I’m jotting down notes for my next one but I won’t be starting that too soon as I want the ideas to remain fresh. I also need to hear some tips for improving before I get too stuck in, otherwise I’ll end up making the same mistakes twice.

One thing I will say is that I’ll be playing the first and second Monkey Island games again, I got the special editions on Steam a while ago and I love replaying them. I know games aren’t really praised critically for good story telling in general but I take a lot of inspiration and ideas from particular scenes and music marriages. From them I can imagine a scenario that I would like to make a story around. If I end up not using them in the end I make sure they’re stored away for a rainy day.


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