International Women’s Day

I didn’t even know this was an official day so that was a nice discovery. I want to celebrate it by listing a few of the women who have inspired me in my writing, artwork and just as a person.

Firstly the Finnish writer and artist Tove Jansson who wrote the beloved Moomin books. Her background was quite a complex and admirable one as she wrote the first of the series during World War II. She admitted that during this time she found her work pointless to do but still found it in herself to create such a beautiful story with fantastic characters. It has definitely played a large part in my inspiration to write, even in my younger years when I was introduced to the subtle charm of the Moomins in their animation counterpart. Rest in Peace Mrs Jansson and thank you.

Second the Celtic leader Boudicca who led her people against the Roman Empire in early Britain. It’s always nice when you see that fantastical strong willed woman appear in history rather than in fictional stories. While many of the details are still up for interpretation; Boudicca is said to have poisoned herself to avoid capture, led a fight when her daughters were assaulted by the Roman men and didn’t give up when the odds were against her. Oh heck yes, that is a strong female hero with ovaries of silver right there!

Finally Queen Elizabeth I and her outright determination that focused beyond that of marriage and heirs. The famous Virgin Queen mingled with pirates in order to defeat the Spanish Armada and prevent their invasion of England. Makes me think maybe we all really do have a mischievous, evil underlining to us that appears when we refuse to be obedient, hehe. In all seriousness though, I always envisioned her as a strong leader driving England to victory during a time of extreme male domination of society. As well as being one of the few leaders who actually brought hope back to the people which many before had failed to do.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Below is my favourite female character of my story, her name Fyrelit Shen. Only appearing for a brief time but manages to get Rowan Pathfinder out of a sticky situation with a few words.



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