Magic of the British Isles

Today I want to briefly talk about my love for Britain and Ireland and how much the mythology and landscape has greatly influenced my love for drawing and writing over the years.

Born in England I grew up around castles, ships, the ocean and a rich history of kings and queens. I was however too young to know if it was because of this that caused my natural attraction to dragons. There was something about the sense of magic that I felt truly at home with and I was (and still am) the type to go with the flow of things. I ended up filling paper piece upon paper piece with dragon sketches and wishing so much that I could become one. The experience was better when I went to places like Cornwall, Wales and Ireland but I still have yet to go to Scotland and sense it there. That is on my agenda because I want to see that part of the island so much. I also can not wait to see my family in Ireland again either later this year.

Only now after so much research do I realise my homeland’s historical connection with magic and the beliefs in dragons as well as other mythical things. It is something I am greatly glad to be a part of and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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