They are extremely helpful when it comes to improving my writing skill. I have received the first few reviews of my book and as I was expecting the book isn’t perfect but the constructive criticism really does pinpoint the places where I need to get better.

I thought I’d jot them down here on the blog to help me highlight the first few:

  1. Expand on the descriptions of the characters and environment.
  2. Spend time developing the emotion of the character interactions more.
  3. Slow the pace down as some of the scenarios felt rushed.
  4. Decrease size of the book (apparently Amazon super sized my book and it hurt the reader’s hands! I don’t know how that happened but I’m going to find a way to fix it)

Funnily when I was writing I was consciously trying not to ramble because I know I can. I got a comment once in a previous story I wrote saying I did go on a bit. I think it’s about knowing where and when to go into more detail.

The more constructive criticism I get the better. It is really encouraging and I can not wait to keep going. First, do my day job!


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