Drawing and Colouring Pictures

The best way for me to draw an image is with a physical pencil and paper. While I support us using technology to decrease the amount of paper we use, there’s something about the amount of control I have over rotating the bit of paper, moving my eyes closer or further away etc that makes my pictures so much better. There’s also a level of satisfaction I get from doing it that way.

Most of the time I do scribbles with no colour because I can fully relax and not have to worry about making the lines too neat. There’s a nice fluidity to the outline when my muscles aren’t tensing to making it look tidy.

But I do enjoy rolling in the feeling of completing it in colour. That’s when technology kicks in for me. I am not especially good at using coloured pencils to get the result I want – but that’s probably because I don’t practice, I might think differently if I practiced. So for now I colour in Photoshop. A nice combination for me there!

I am hoping to include more coloured pictures in my next book. I’ll spend more time with refining my writing and since coloured images demands more time then I might not draw so many illustrations like I did for my first one. That way I can’t rely on them to influence something and the words will stand out more. Let’s see what happens.



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