Author Note #1: Tales & Ancient Greece

On the topic for the next book, of course they’ll be new realms. I’m thinking about giving one with a feel for Ancient Greece. That’s to focus more on Rowan Pathfinder’s origins and the fauns’ historical relations with the wyverns (ie how did they end up at the Ancient Grasslands realm).

Greek mythology certainly has a colourful collection of creatures. I was introduced to one I never heard of before a few weeks ago called Perytons – stags with wings!! Alongside griffins, nymphs, the phoenix and Cerberus; this is a creature worth playing a part in a new realm with history. Especially when I can involve Alder and the harpies in a larger role.

On this note I would like to delve deeper into an individual realm then onto another as the series progresses so I might name it “Tales of Ethera”. Perhaps alongside the name of the realm the story will be focusing on.

Early thoughts. Much to develop.

Disclaimer: the picture used in the featured image is not mine by the way. It is one of the oldest maps of Erin and Albion (Ireland & Britain).


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