Teaching Art and Design

I’m really excited because I finally managed to settle some classroom observation to support my application for a PGCE this year. I’m thinking about going into secondary school teaching for Art and Design (if you didn’t guess already from the title) but I’m going to see what it’s like first before making that decision. As much as I really enjoy my work in the library, it’s something that won’t last forever.

It’s funny really because I had applied for a PGCE before ( between 1-2 years ago) but the criteria on the website of the course failed to mention that I need classroom experience. I found that out during the interview, hehe. Everything else went really well so I’m going to try again.

I will say one thing I dream of doing is teaching in another country. This is because I love the idea of seeing the world as well as teaching but I know most programmes are English teaching courses (which isn’t so bad). I think more experience will help me figure things out though before making big steps like that. Although teaching in countries a little closer to home is a nice idea to me too, like Scotland or Ireland, but I do know the structure/curriculum is different to England’s. Is there anyone who’s a teacher or going through the same thought process reading this who’d like to share their view? Any amount of information I get is very handy.


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