Teaching Log

First day at classroom observation today. Note: I’m not going to go into any specifics or details to protect both the school and the students.

It’s certainly a good experience and definitely worth doing if you’re unsure about it. I definitely could imagine myself as the teacher in that environment. It looked like there is a lot of paperwork to do (as expected) but that’s the case for both Primary and Secondary based on my conversations with my colleagues who have experienced both.

I’m glad that I’ve been invited back next week. I’m pretty sure the requirement is 10 hours of classroom experience for applying for a PGCE and these sessions will only give me 9 hours but maybe I’ll be able to scrap it with my work experience backing it up.

I will say one thing, the work I saw today was absolutely phenomenal. I was introduced to knew artists and keywords just by looking at the walls. Things I was not aware of during my studies of GNVQ Art and Design. This is GCSE I’m observing at the moment but I know that teachers can definitely add their ‘own flavour’ to what artists and styles the students need to research to meet the curriculum. Most of what I remember from my GNVQ was looking at chillies. We made a chilli out of everything! Sculpture, pastel painting, acrylic painting, pencil drawing and collage. I got sick to death of chillies by the end but it didn’t falter my love for spicy food later in life.


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