Moving with Folk Rock

Does anybody else like listening music to help them visualise a moment or scene in their story as they write? Sometimes when I picture the movement of the characters and visualise their feelings I need something to help me move it along. I listen to music to help me think of what could happen next and when the song is one I’m not familiar with it can take it down a road I never thought of before.

From the title you can tell I love Folk Rock music. It’s a nice way to mix the old with the new and my excuse to listen to folk music without sounding old fashioned despite me being born from the millennial generation. There’s something haunting, adventurous and uplifting about this type of music that I have futile resistance to. With a little bit of flute… then add some guitar strumming and drums…

Here have an old sketch from when Zwindial was a winged serpent!

Zwindial meets Alder


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