After being reintroduced to one of my favourite PC games Monkey Island, I realised I know little to nothing about voodoo. I know it’s a spiritual practice that originated in Africa with incredible shamanistic views. Then I was introduced to the word ‘folkways’. It’s a nice terminology that I definitely want to use in my next book. What it means is a way of life, thinking or acting.

I read that it is practiced a lot more with spirits called the Lao than deities. They had the ability to give messages if contacted and shown respect.

While voodoo might seem horrific and bloody thanks to the media portraying it in such a light, there’s a lot of pagan aspects about the rituals. Ie there must be a cost for the spell you’re trying to cast to keep things balanced. It seems about right; if we’re asking for something to be done by supernatural power then I don’t expect it should be done for free.

Also there is such a thing as Hoodoo that has a more healing or blessing of good fortune concept. Thanks to westernised depictions, there are lots of good things about this folkway that have been left hidden or manipulated to a different meaning. For example the voodoo doll were not used to harm others but more to grant and manifest wishes. I definitely think I should read more about it.

Now I know why I was always encouraged to ask questions. Please share anything you know about voodoo as I have little knowledge about it.


Disclaimer: picture used ‘Gris-gris’ by Charles Gandolfo


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