What do you do when your mind is reeling?

I tend to pace, talk out loud and bounce if I’m sitting down. More often than not I’m confident I’ll make a good answer because I do research and channel my energies. It feels great when I’m thinking like that because it’s active and I feel alive. At the same time it can be frustrating when the answers don’t come to me immediately but that’s because I get so excited about the outcome.

The reason I’m typing this down is because I have to write it somewhere and I’ve enjoyed keeping a blog so far. This is all stemmed from my ambitions for the future and what I want to do. I don’t have that many ties which gives me a good advantage but as I was gently reminded yesterday, I still have some responsibilities that need to be addressed so I’m trying to think of the answers that cover it all.

I prefer thinking like this on my own because I am free from half arsed judgement from other people that way if they happen to be witnessing it. There are also no distractions so my mind can go with the flow. Other times I just feel like I’m trapped in a fish bowl – especially when advice is given in a negative manner, I hear what I don’t want to hear or I hit an obstacle.

I find peace knowing it’s just a part of life that everyone goes through and I need to bend with the flow of what I’m given.



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