Barometz – Sheep born from Plants

This was a creature I was introduced to during my final year of university – 2014. I was stumped for an idea to be green lit by my tutors and everything I tried just didn’t seem to cut it. Then when speaking to my flatmate (on the topic of story ideas) I opened up my Mythical Creatures Bible book and happened to open the page where this creature was printed.

When I saw it I thought of so many possibilities and just had to make a story out of it. Low and behold my tutors liked it! It also gave me an indication of what makes a good story as my other ideas were a little stagnant. This one was fresh, new and gave me that spark of inspiration that I was seeking.

If anyone would like to see the final animation that got me my A in the Short Film module then please see the link to my vimeo upload:



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