Strange Turn of Events

Yep something very peculiar happened yesterday. I was still letting it sink in so I didn’t write anything about it until now. I have to because I’m pretty sure I’m going to look back on this and laugh.

During my teacher application I was considering the subject English as well as Art and Design as my choice of specialisation. But I needed to ask questions first before making that commitment (the application process wasn’t going to let me apply for more than one course at once. I had to pick a second choice if the first one wasn’t successful). I sent the email asking the question two days ago; then yesterday, at work, I got the answer saying I would need my degree to specialise in something English related to teach it despite my other qualifications – fair enough I thought. Then they said the subscription for the PGCE Art was high and they were going to close applications soon. That’s when I hopped onto my application to submit before it closed. It appeared however that I was too late and they had already closed it.

So I started sinking a little into a depressed state after that, thinking I would need to find another local provider or wait until next year… again… ugh. The other universities I could think of were about 1-2 hours away which would mean I would need to have money for travel which I knew I wouldn’t have.

Once my tea break ended after going through all of that I voiced my concern to my colleagues. One then reminded me of another local university which does PGCE courses (well renowned ones) and advised I take a look. This was a university that had completely slipped my mind. I did and saw that not only was it a good looking course but it also allows you to pick up a side subject, such as English, alongside it.

So how’s that for a strange yet relative turn of events? A note to myself to try and seek advice from those I trust. It’s not a good idea to bottle up my concerns and deal with them alone. I’ll never know what knowledge I’m missing out on if I do that.


3 thoughts on “Strange Turn of Events

  1. Glad it worked out for you! Seems like you got a better outcome than you originally wanted!
    I do have yo add, seeking advice from those you trust is good, you can always trust me to give bad advice though! XP
    Anywho, I hope your course goes well!

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