I neglected quite a few things when getting home from work the last couple of days. ALL because I found myself absolutely obsessed with a new story I found online.

I love reading indie online stories as well as published books. But for both, I find that once I find that rare gem where someone shows really good writing talent, I get so invested that it’s all I think about. And yes I do delve into fan fiction from time to time, I’m not ashamed to admit that at all. But seeing everyone’s interpretations of characters I know actually opens up my observation to angles of them I never noticed before. It helps me get a better understanding of how broad the audience is when you write a story. It makes me dedicated to really build a good character for my own stories.

I keep away from hype most of the time so when I approach any new story I can view it from my own non biased opinion. It’s easy when you don’t go on social media like tumblr for the soul purpose of seeing what’s new – because I swear no one can keep a secret there. Then afterwards – if I liked the story enough – I will invest time to seeing how other people think.

I take care to stay in the neutral, observation zone though. Like anywhere on the internet, people can take things too seriously!


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