English Magic

I treated myself to a book yesterday called “The Book of English Magic” by Philip Car-Gomm and Richard Heygate. I wandered into Waterstones and saw it sitting there with a little bit of elegance under the Spirituality section. It was further reading on my personal research into British history.

I don’t know about anyone else but whenever someone tells me they like to read I automatically think they mean they like to read fiction. Mainly because it feels like the go to type of book to read for entertainment for me. I am also a thorough fan of reading, but I find myself reading non fiction books more often than not.

It was from my natural likeness to my ancient lineage that I get drawn to these kinds of books and I find myself more and more wanting to put it into practice. What I mean by this is books like “The Book of English Magic” connects me to things like Druidism and Paganism. I proclaimed myself a pagan a long time ago but found I could not truly invest in it because I was quite vague with myself.

But the more and more I read about the ancient druids of the Britons, both in books and blogs I follow, I find I cannot help but feel the need to learn more about that path in particular. I think this was the path I was looking for in terms of my spiritual views. Most of the things I do and have done throughout my life fits harmoniously with it.

So taking the beginners steps, I am going to see if it’s right!

As a side note, it made me think if I should learn Welsh instead of Anglo Saxon. Most links seem to be in Welsh but we’ll see.



4 thoughts on “English Magic

  1. Hi Jasmin, it’s interesting what you say about ‘investing’ in a religious path. I think we tend to be all or nothing creatures when it comes to declaring that we follow one religion or another. To ourselves as much as to others especially. That’s what I like about Druidism, it allows us to approach it more holistically as it were. Rather than setting itself apart from other religions and teachings it tends to allow others to connect and find common ground to grow.
    Nice blog by the way. Roj


    1. Hi there, thank you for your very nice comment. I read through my blog post again and I think what I meant by “invest” is committing time to studying and understanding it rather than ruling out other religious views.


    2. In the past I would decide on declaring myself something without actually researching it to help my understanding. Because it’s a vast subject it requires time to learn more about it. I get quite eager when I get going.


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