English Magic

I treated myself to a book yesterday called “The Book of English Magic” by Philip Car-Gomm and Richard Heygate. I wandered into Waterstones and saw it sitting there with a little bit of elegance under the Spirituality section. It was further reading on my personal research into British history.

I don’t know about anyone else but whenever someone tells me they like to read I automatically think they mean they like to read fiction. Mainly because it feels like the go to type of book to read for entertainment for me. I am also a thorough fan of reading, but I find myself reading non fiction books more often than not.

It was from my natural likeness to my ancient lineage that I get drawn to these kinds of books and I find myself more and more wanting to put it into practice. What I mean by this is books like “The Book of English Magic” connects me to things like Druidism and Paganism. I proclaimed myself a pagan a long time ago but found I could not truly invest in it because I was quite vague with myself.

But the more and more I read about the ancient druids of the Britons, both in books and blogs I follow, I find I cannot help but feel the need to learn more about that path in particular. I think this was the path I was looking for in terms of my spiritual views. Most of the things I do and have done throughout my life fits harmoniously with it.

So taking the beginners steps, I am going to see if it’s right!

As a side note, it made me think if I should learn Welsh instead of Anglo Saxon. Most links seem to be in Welsh but we’ll see.



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