Staverton and Dartington

We explored a bit more of Devon today after being introduced to another little track by a colleague of mine on Saturday. There were some beautiful rivers and hills to admire as we walked along from Dartington to Staverton, which wasn’t actually that far away from each other. Google maps was quite deceiving.

Staverton itself was quite an old fashioned village. We came across wild garlic, old steam trains, stone bridges and birds that kept coming up close. There was no one there and it felt quite surreal as we past the church and houses. Then it sprung to life once we settled in the Sea Trout Inn. We had scrummy food – my mother and I had fish and chips; my sister had the steak hehe. It’s definitely like a communal place. The Inn actually had accommodation available which not every Inn has anymore, so that was nice to know. It is in the middle of nowhere though so I think anyone outside the local residents visiting here would probably be staying for a bit.

Then once we got back to Dartington to catch the bus home we wandered around the independent shops there. Finishing the trip off with a posh glass bottle of delicious elderflower mead. What can be better than that?

I had the song “On the Open Road” from the Wind in the Willows for most of the trip.



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