Studying this September!

I had my interview for my PGCE Secondary Art and Design today and after the last stage they confirmed I got a place!!! 😀 I am feeling so happy right now. I was quite nervous about this because I wanted to do it so much and I dreaded how I’d feel if I failed. I’d gone through that stage before during my time of self discovery so maybe my experience helped me through it.

However I’m not done working yet. I have to pass the Numeracy and Literacy skills test as a condition for going on the course which I arranged in two Wednesdays. Literacy I excel at but numeracy is my weaker subject. It’s improved after applying it to my job since finishing my degree in 2014 so that really helped. But I need to await my practice score from the audit I did at the interview today. It will help me know where my strongest and weakest points are which will be very helpful. I also have to wait for the university to send me a letter with a list of tasks I need to complete before I start. I spy a busy year ahead.

During the interview they did confirm that I would be able to take up an enhancement subject alongside my main one (art). So I will be more employable at the end of the course if I had an extra skill under my belt. At the moment I am hoping to do English but we’ll see how things change. I am super excited to get started.

Flying Alby


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