Pirates are Coming!

There’s a pirate weekend every year in Plymouth, England and we get this stunning galleon make port. I went to the Barbican today to have lunch at The Ship Inn and we managed to see her before the crowds are due to come. As much as I love pirate stories I haven’t actually attended them as there are far too many people who go.

There is this one guy who turns up in a fantastic Jack Sparrow costume (you can tell he puts the effort in). But I hope to see the Pirates of St Piran turn up. They are the guys from Cornwall who sing traditional pirate songs and I am not ashamed to admit I have a couple of their albums. They made them for charity (very un pirate like but that is actually a good thing. I don’t think I want to be keelhauled anytime soon).

The existence of these pirate and pagan groups remind me so much of the difference of culture between the county I’m from and the county I wish I was from – ie Hampshire and Cornwall. I’ve always been more attracted to the celtic countryside and the sea than the flat land with cities. It’s thoughts like that that make me think I’m old fashioned even in my mid twenties, lol.


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