Conditions Met

Time to crack open the cider and/or rum for celebration because I passed my numeracy and literacy tests today!!! Woo!

I was so worried it would take me more than one attempt to pass the numeracy one but it didn’t and I feel on top of the world right now. I can finally buckle down and focus on the pre enrolment tasks and actually look forward to September. Though I have no clue at what percentage rate I passed at because the result slip didn’t tell me. It just said if I passed or not, lol, so I don’t know if I passed with flying colours or barely scraped it under the wire.

That’s not what’s important though. Let us take the next challenge after a well deserved rest. The pre enrolment involves a lot of reading. But that’s easy in comparison, heh.

Rydw i’n mynd i fod yn athro!


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