Slavic Mythology

So I got introduced to the aforementioned subject by my Polish friend at work today. It is one of the oldest form of religion for the Eastern European area which includes Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and even parts of Russia. I did notice there were a lot of artistic interpretations of the deities and it’s incredible how much they resemble ones I’m familiar with in the British Druidic religion.

I haven’t researched it thoroughly yet (I have every intention to) but the similarities show how much culture and beliefs travelled with the Celts as they migrated throughout Europe.

The ways we were looking at in particular was called Słowianie (swo-vi-a-ni) – anglicised version of this word is Slavic apparently. It’s a Celtic Pagan religion that is being revived in Poland after it was heavily taken and absorbed by Christianity in the first century. We looked at the god Świętowit (Svetovid) who is a god of war with four faces able to look in all directions at once. Some of the carvings of this god is masterfully done that leaves me gaping in awe.

As it went through a period of transition, the deities became saints when Christianity took it over so research is still going to separate them. This is difficult as there are no records of literacy when the religion was around in the early age.

I’m going to spend some time brushing up on my historic reading outside of the British Isles because this is just too fascinating to ignore.


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