Adult Colouring Book

So I’ve decided to make my next book an adult colouring book! This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and while I would like to write a new fictional book as a sequel to “Zwindial”; I’m contributing my time to finishing the colouring book first.

This is mainly to take advantage of my illustrations and do something with them. I’ll be basing my first theme around dragons and maybe my next one about tree sapiens, ie green man, nature spirits, etc. I’m thinking too far ahead here though but it’s nice to have a list of ideas to work with. This means once I’m finished with the first, I can work on the next.

Once I’ve got a nice collection of pictures I’ll post up an update on how it’s looking. I’ve done a few pictures already but only two of them I’ll be keeping. That really helped me get a better feel for the look so hopefully I’ll be able to publish that in a couple of months time.

I’m not too sure how many pictures I’ll do in total but I expect to do around 30 which will be finished by 9th August but I allow myself room for spontaneity. I’ll be heading to the Waterstones book shop to get an idea of how many pages other colouring books have so I can match it.


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